Why settle for less than the best?    



  The Pharos Press state-of-the-art presses will produce sharper images, better print quality, crisper reproduction, and full color on nearly every page.

Updated typography will make your product easier and more convenient to read, while vibrant color will make it more compelling than ever. All of these add up to more impact for your product and more sales for your business.

We promise to deliver to you, our customers, not only outstanding quality, but better resolution and complete, consistent color accuracy. You'll see the results in high-quality, high-impact products that attract readers who are willing and able to buy your product.

Our post press department is capable of handling insertion of preprinted matter of almost any type and size into the products we print as well as mailing your product if that is your preferred method of delivery.

In addition to broadsheet and tabloid formats, we also have the ability to produce "stitched and trimmed" bound book type products. Please inquire regarding page counts and web sizes as well as finished product dimensions.

This site provides instructions, tips and other valuable information to help you take full advantage of our quality and reproduction - and get maximum impact with your publication.